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Besthdmovies: LCD TVs have become one of the most popular available on the market with regards to flat screen TVs. Unfortunately, their price can drive some people to purchase a cheaper TV set. LCD TVs come in a variety of styles, sizes and price ranges as well as a assortment of specifications. Before shelling out a lot of money for a LCD TV, you may find it more sensible and time efficient to check out LCD rentals in NYC. That way you are able to explore the full range of offerings in the comfort of your own home instead of feeling rushed while looking at TV sets in a store. The lighting and angle in your house may vary from those of the angle and lighting in the store, which could significantly alter your viewing experience for the better or worse.
The very first thing you’ll want to take into consideration while exploring LCD rentals in NYC is the place you’ll put your TV. LCD TVs may either be mounted on a wall or positioned on a table. You’ll want to avoid placing it over the working fireplace since the generated heat could possibly alter the overall performance and longevity of an LCD TV. Renting an LCD TV will even provide you with an idea of how much wall space you’ll need for the LCD TV which you decide to purchase. A great tip, would be to measure the wall and the television set to make certain it will fit. You will need to take into account, to leave a few inches on each side of the TV for the ventilation and so you can access any connection ports that will be necessary. While exploring LCD rentals in NYC, you might like to consider TVs with various pixel amounts on the screen. The higher pixel count for the TV you want, will offer you the very best picture when watching your shows.
Most TVs come with a native pixel resolution of 1280×720 or 1366×768. These are only the minimum pixel counts that you’ll need to try to look for. When you start looking for the larger TVs, like 40-inches, they can offer a native pixel resolution of 1920×1080, which can make a huge difference if you are considering getting a Blu-ray player for your TV. In the past, LCD TVs were known for not being able to correctly display fast-moving objects. Many of the TVs out there no longer have this problem however it’s still something to consider when out there shopping. You’ll need to check out the motion response time while exploring LCD rentals. If you’re planning on watching a lot of sports or action movie on this TV, one that has a motion response time of 4 or 8 milliseconds is going to be perfect for you.
Whenever they don’t list their motion response times, move on. Viewing angles are another thing to look for when choosing an LCD TV. Make certain you can see them clearly from the sides and from the main viewing area. LCD TVs provide side-to-side viewing angles, with a majority of them going as wide as 160 degrees, or 80 degrees from your main viewing area. Any TVs with viewing angles that start to fade around 45 degrees are ones that won’t be the ideal choice if you’re planning on inviting over large groups that will be scattered around different areas of the room. While it might appear to be a waste of money to rent LCD TVs, it could prove to be quite valuable in the end.



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