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Besthdmovies: If you are wondering whether or not you should see the recent disaster movie “2012,” allow me to be your guide. In this quick review, I’ll let you know why this may very well be the best disaster movie ever made. It is a great movie filled with special effects, tough decisions, and believable characters.
The movie starts out with a couple of scientists, one from India, and one an employee in some capacity with the United States government, deep in an underground laboratory. They discover some troubling information regarding the core of the Earth. If the data is correct, the world as we know it doesn’t have much longer.
The first then they need to figure out, is should they tell the whole world that everybody is going to die soon, or try and keep it under wraps for as long as possible?
The world governments decide to covertly plan an escape for a small percentage of the world’s population, with the rest of the people left to fend for themselves. Luckily, the main character, played fantastically by John Cusack, happens across a sage in the wilderness played very convincingly by Woody Harrelson. As these normal characters discover the impending end of the world, they must race against time to arrive at the secret location known only to the super rich, and the super smart, as determined by the world governments.
And as in most disaster movies, we are met with several likable characters who must look their impending death in the face. While this isn’t easy, this is a disaster movie after all, and most people, unfortunately, are going to die.
And just like Noah and his family, the secret plan is to load up some arks with people and two of every animal. Hopefully, they will stay on these arks long enough until the earth sorts itself out, when they can find some dry land and start over
The question that is posed to those on board the ships, is what to do with all the blue collar workers who actually built he arks? The secret project was paid for by the rich that wanted to by themselves a seat to safety on the new age arks that were secretly being built, but would they be able to leave the blue collars who built their ships to die?
It’s a tough question that has filled many psychology textbooks. If you can only save a few people, who do you choose? The rich? The smart? The lucky?
While the choices made in the movie may not reflect your own personal values, the movie is well worth watching, and at the very least is a splendid two hours of fantastic entertainment. This movie gets four out of five stars, and my full blessing to spend your DVD rental money for the week.



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