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Besthdmovies: Sheldon, a weird person, and also a good laugh in common people’s eyes. He has high IQ but low EQ. He has no feelings with females even though he has a girlfriend Amy in name only. Everything in his world must be organized even the ingredients of his meals, which is something like the obsessive compulsive. He has a fetish about cleanliness. The clothes must be tidy and clean. A little dirty part comes into his view would drive him crazy. One day Wolowitz do not want to clean his closet, and he called his friends to his house including Sheldon. He knew that Sheldon will do it for him. The truth follows his prediction. Sheldon makes rules for his roommate and they must comply the rules without denying. He makes plans for their pleasure time about what they do on Monday, Tuesday and so on.
He is a super confident person and usually tells frost jokes. He do not care about others eyes or thinking. If he has puzzled question, he will ask the one who know the answer regardless of the occasion. For example, there is a scene appeared in many installments that Sheldon knocked on Leonard’s door at midnight, just wondering about the little case in daily life, which lashed Leonard frenzy. However he thinks it normal to behave in his way. In my eyes, Sheldon is an intelligent kids, knowing many things in science but not being familiar with how to get along with others. Essentially, Sheldon is a warm hearted , kind person. Once, he saved Leonard’s life in the elevator, which is a main reason that Leonard can tolerate him for such a long time. Sheldon’s girlfriend Amy shares the common personalities as Sheldon, but has not such typical characters as Sheldon.
Leonard, can be supposed as a normal person in the leading actors. He also has high IQ. But his EQ is not so low as Sheldon. This role is much close to the reality that a little science male is not outstanding in the crowded and has to admire the pretty girl. His loving affairs with penny take up most of his play. Leonard must be exist for his connection with other characters. He is good tempered and he was the only one that can tolerate Sheldon. That’s why they share a apartment. His girlfriend Penny is a hot, candid female. She did not get high diploma, but has high EQ. Her scandalous affairs, which was mentioned by Sheldon now and then, is not a secret to her friends. Most of the time, she can not understand what Leonard talking about in
Wolowitz, a weasel Jewish, has high IQ and medium EQ. Before he getting married, he engaged himself in females. Although he spent a lot of time on girls, he did not have true love until he found his wife Bernadette. Actually, Wolowits’ well-being is obvious. A satisfying marriage, high IQ, medium EQ, happy family, honest friends, and successful career(stepping on the moon). A pity is that he still live with his mother even after he getting married. His wife Bernadette is also a scientist and has high IQ and EQ. They love each other and have no marriage crisis.
Raj is an Indian with high IQ and low EQ. He wants to find a girl friend. However, the problem is that he can not talk unless he drink wine when come across females. In terms of that, he was often laughed at by his friends. He lives alone, and has never made girlfriend.



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