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Besthdmovies: It seems so that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” probably gives a platform to the stars to conceal the actual happening in their marriage.
Porsha Stewart and the show
The star went on the show as a married woman, but, as the season of the show was about to come to an end there were rumours of her husband filing divorce.
Porsha is heard of reconciling her relationship with her husband. And again there are talks going on that the entire “story” were constructed to get a mileage on the show.
The positivity from Stewart
She says that she wants to be positive and is keeping busy. This week, the show has been found to be working on her “toned bod”.
She is seen spending some quality time with her co-star NeNe Leaks. She posted a picture of hers and her Nene. A couple of days back, Nene only shared that Porsha needs to be replaced on “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Nothing seems to be wrong between the two women.
The two women enjoyed food from Southern Temptations. Nene refers Porsha to be her younger sister.
Another string to the show
Another star on the show, Kenya Moore is also in the news. And the gentleman Walter Jackson has been claiming that Moore convinced him to “role play” her boy-friend. This was done during the 5th season of the show of “Bravo Series”.Besthdmovies .com
Season 6 of the Show
Now, Porsha is supposed to be pretending of getting into a divorce with her husband merely to getback to Season 6. says, “Porsha does this only because of the fear that she won’t be able to return back to the show for the next season.”
The report says that to create a sensation about herself, she is into a “faked divorce”.
Wetpaint Entertainment while talking to Porsha almost a fortnight back realized that her pain was much away from reality.
In yet information, a source quite close to Porsha reports that the marriage doesn’t exist anymore.
The information from the friends
A friend of Porsha informs that all her friends are staying by her side considering this to be one of the difficult periods in her life. And they claim that the “breaking up of the marriage” is certainly not meant for the show but is a hard reality for Porsha.
They also add that the entire episode is quite painful for the lady. She wants the world to know that she is her own woman. They ask the world if a lady can make fake announcements about such a big tragedy in life.



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