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Besthdmovies: Cannes International Film Festival was founded in 1939. It is the most powerful, and top international festival. Cannes International Film Festival, the Venice International Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival are three famous international film festivals in Europe. Cannes International Film Festival is called 3S film festival because the Cannes in France has the feature of sea, sex, and sunshine. It is usually held in the middle of May, lasting for about twelve days and ends at the Sunday of next week.
On May 15th, the 66th Cannes International Film Festival opened in the coastal city of Cannes in the south of France. Nearly 80 movies will be shown in the next two weeks. The opening film of the festival was The Great Gatsby. Performers played the dance that had appeared in this film. They used this kind of pleasant and happy way to welcome the people from all over the world and the opening of the Cannes International Film Festival.
In the Cannes International Film Festival, there were many famous celebrities. All of them tried their best to show the most beautiful and elegant aspect to others, especially female celebrities. Now let’s have a look.
One of the hot films in this year is The Great Gatsby. The actress of this film, Carey Mulligan, chooses an A-line posed dress from Dior couture. The suit matches with Tiffany diamond collocation which is pure, simple and elegant. She continues her pure image as usual. As one of the juries in this year’s Cannes International Film Festival, Nicole Kidman chose embroidery pattern strapless gown which was customized in the Dior summer and spring series. The collocation of the pink lip makeup and pink orange high-heeled shoes made her stunning at the festival. I think maybe a necklace made up Swarovski crystal beads from Swarovski crystal beads wholesale will also match this gown and make her charming in the Cannes International Film Festival. I like the dress up and decoration of Isla Fisher. The red dress she wore is from Oscar de la Renta. It was beautiful and elegant. I like the necklace she wore as well. The color of the necklace mixed well and it also matches the dress perfectly. The turquoise in the middle of the necklace is shining and it must have caught much attention. It is known that the jewelry she wore is from Bulgaria. The bracelet with good bracelet clasp is also very beautiful. I like the jewelry she wore.
A minimalist design can show the temperament of the people who wears it. The dress Emma Watson worn on that day is simple. It is from the Chanel summer and spring series in this year. It only has two colors, black and white. The classic mix of black and white seems still the first choice of many female celebrities. Many female celebrities choose the dress with the color of black and white. The bling bling condole belt vest and tall waist line fitting dress made her elegant and confident. The proper Repossi earrings and romantic French twist made her transit from a young girl to an elegant
Jennifer Lawrence chose Dior again. This set of dress of Dior show the elegant of her. The colorful picture on the waist makes the dress more beautiful. The pink heels match with the white dress and echoed with the colorful picture on the waist. But in my opinion, if she worn a dedicate hairstyle, she might become more charming.
Many people may also pay much attention to the Chinese celebrity, Zhang Ziyi. The pants she worn is from Dior. Although they are not in style in this year, the simple design and gorgeous retro style is not out of date. In order to match this suit, she wore short hair. In this festival, Zhang Ziyi is also perfect in looking.



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