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Besthdmovies: When you are looking at Sky TV packages you should consider what you are going to get. Each package will have different parts to it that you should consider. You have to look at the TV channels you are going to get as well as the other broadband and phone aspects of the package. Most Sky TV packages will come with these other services included, as they are often bundled together. It is possible to get TV-only packages but it is recommended that you look at the bundle deals as well; they can provide terrific value and convenience
What Sky TV Packages Include
Sky TV packages will include a range of different products and TV channels. You have to consider a few things when you look at these packages:
The TV channelsThe additional featuresThe cost of the package
When you consider these three aspects you will be able to find the best Sky TV packages that suit your needs and your financial situation.
The TV Channels
The first thing you need to recognise is that Sky divides their channels into packs. Each pack will have a set number of channels that cover a set genre. You have to consider which channels you want to get. Once you have found this out you can see which of the packages on offer has them.
The main packs that you will be offered are the Sky Entertainment packs. There are three of these packs, with the most basic being the Entertainment pack. There is also an Entertainment Extra pack and an Entertainment Extra+ pack. The last two packs have very similar channels, with the Extra+ pack offering HD versions of a number of the channels. If you watch a lot of TV then you should look at getting the Entertainment Extra pack. You do not have to get the extra+ pack unless you are going to watch the HD
Other important considerations for many are the Sky sports and movie channels. There are only a few packages that have these packs, as they are considered specialty packs. This means that Sky assumes that not everyone is going to want them. They are also premium packs, which mean they cost more to get. The Sky sports pack is a must for any sports fan as Sky sports covers all the major sporting events. Sky has largely built their success ont heir sports coverage over the years The Sky movies pack will have all the movie channels that Sky runs. You should get this if you love watching the latest movies . Sky periodically releases new sports and movie channels. They have recently released Sky Disney, a great movie channel for the kids; and us that are young at heart.
On-demand is classified as a separate set of channels when you look at the Sky TV packages. Most of the packages that are offered by this provider will have the on-demand channels. If they are not listed then you should check and see whether or not you actually get them. Sky Catch Up is also a part of these packages. Again most of the packages will come with this, including the starter bundle.
The Features
The features that are listed when you look at TV packages are the broadband and phone services that you get. You will also find the added features that are not related to the phone and broadband listed here as well.
The broadband offered with most of the packages is a standard ADSL connection. The speeds you get will be up to 14mb per second. Of course, it should be noted that this is not the speed you will actually get. It is likely that you will get a slower speed because of decreasing speeds over the copper cables that the internet travels over. ADSL2 and ADSL2+ are also available trough Sky, offering faster speeds and better connectivity may be able to get a package with fibre optic broadband but these generally cost more. The data limit of the broadband should be looked into as it can vary from 50GB to truly unlimited. If you are getting an unlimited broadband connection you have to ensure that it is truly unlimited; otherwise, you will be subject to fair usage and traffic management policies. Sky ticks the truly unlimited box, making it in my opinion a better option than many of the other providers.
The phone service is the other part of the features list that you should look at closely. You will get special rates for certain calls with your package. The most common call option is free weekend calls. You may be able to get free anytime calls or evening calls with your package. You should always check that the calls you are getting are inclusive.
The other features that may be included in this area are:
Whether or not you get SkyGoIf you are getting a connection to Wi-Fi hotspotsIf your TV service is going to get HD channelsIf your top box is PVR or notIf you are going to be able to get pay-per-view channels
These features are all points that people should look at to see if the price they are paying is worth it. You should not be diverted by the additional features, as you need to pay close attention to the phone and broadband options you are getting.
The Cost of the Package
The package should be looked at in terms of the different components of the cost. These are: the monthly cost, the number of months you are getting free or at a discounted rate and the line rental. You need to look at all of these factors when looking at the actual cost of the package.
The monthly cost is the amount you will be paying each month. The price you see advertised may not be the actual priced you are going to be paying. If you are getting a number of months for free then the price you see on the advert is the average price. The number of months you get free should be considered but only when compared to the price of the package. Sometimes providers will offer free months but make up their money in other ways.
The line rental will have to be paid for your phone and broadband. The rental price may vary if you are getting a special rate. However, this special rate is normally subject to payment for a full year in advance.
The value you receive will be a factor of all the costs and the range of services you get. Remember though, value is a function of the appropriateness of the services to you and not the number of services. If you don’t watch certain channels, or use the landline, then you should not be paying for the extras, no matter how cheap they seem to be.



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